In Cinciano the land is rich in limestone and clays, an ideal soil for vines and olive trees. Following local tradition our plants of Sangiovese that face south-west grow here, surrounded by olive tree groves and the woods of the hunting reserve.

The Cellar

Cinciano’s throbbing heart, the cellar is divided into three different zones for the processing of grapes, maturation and wine tasting. All within the medieval hamlet (borgo).

The vineyards

The vine surrounds the entire hill.
Sangiovese covers a total surface area of nearly 30 hectares in a phase of renewal and small-scale experimentation with other grapes: these are the vineyards of Cinciano.

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The Olive Mill

The olives are milled with craftsman’s skills by the olive miller who blends two different selections of oil.

The Olive Trees

The olive tree landscapes these hills together with the vineyards.
Here the varieties of Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Correggiolo come together to create a unique landscape like the flavour of the oil that we extract from their fruit.