This is one of the ways of staying in Cinciano, but not the only one…Perhaps it is the most comfortable, the most distinctive and the most charming.

Villa Zaballina

  • Guests: 2- 16

You stay in a large villa with a luxuriant garden laid out on three terraces and a private swimming pool with a solarium.

The view looks out over the green hills of the Val d’Elsa, while inside you breathe the atmosphere of the villa’s ancient past when it was a convent, in the succession of large halls, and large and small rooms. The spacious kitchen with its traditional fireplace invites you into an intimate and warm conviviality.

Villa Zaballina bears the signs of the history of the Borgo (hamlet) of Cinciano, with the numerous transformations and changes that have taken place over the centuries.

The central building is made up of a long parallelepiped the main facade of which entirely overlooks the valley.

The garden below is situated on three different levels connected by wide stairways which in turn form large niches where one finds small fountains of water.

On the right of the building there is a tower-house which despite the transformations lets you see at its base parts of medieval walls, while to the left, adjacent to the villa one finds the chapel-oratory completely adorned with frescoes in the last century.

Inside the Villa, also restored and decorated in the 20th century, certain rooms stand out on the ground floor where the decorations, due to the brushwork of an unknown artist, reach that dynamic expression that belongs to Liberty: the decorative elements cover and at the same time liven the walls, the stairways, the balustrades and the ceilings in a set of shapes often deduced from plant-related nature.